Sunday Video: Improving Shoulder Motions

This is a follow up video on Should Extension. To improve the shoulder’s range of motion, perform the exercise below. The exercise is called Weighed Shoulder Dislocate. Please watch the complete video. The instructor covers:

  • Exercise warning
  • Instructions
  • Tips to prevent injury

Even though, the video uses a weight to perform the exercise. I personally do it without a weight.


In Office, Be Like Farmer Than a Hunter

I have only seen one season of the reality show — The Apprentice. Since then, I have not seen any more episodes. I dislike the drama and argument. I do not think to be successful, we should behave like the contestant in the show. If climbing to the top means behaving in such manner, I rather stay at the bottom of the totem pole of corporate life.

In the working environment, we are here for the long run. Chances are we will have the same colleagues and team members for at least a few years. We should think like a farmer than a hunter. A farmer thinks long run and is willing to play the long game. The farmer is given a plot of land, the person has to think carefully how to cultivate the land for years to come. This also means paying extra attention to the environment and work with a team to manage the land.

As for a hunter, it is a solo game. The person can make choices that are based on short-term gains. The person can be hard charging, deliver faster results compared to a farmer.

As a team member of an organization, we have to build relationships with our colleagues. We are there to execute the organization’s long-term strategy that will bring benefits to both the company and shareholders. We become successful by helping the rest to be successful. It is like farming, we have to live in harmony with the land and surroundings to be successful.

No doubt, there are mavericks who moves up the organization really fast. These individuals do not play nice. As they move up, they leave a trail of destruction. They are the hunter. They work alone and able to deliver impressive results. They walk the corridors of power. They thrive in having blood on the office carpet.

There is nothing wrong in either like a farmer or a hunter. They both have its role in any organization. We all want success in life. Success should not come at the cost of others. A bigger office, fatter paycheck, and a bigger car will not mean anything when people are praying for your downfall.

Work as a team and make everyone to be as successful as possible. Built relationship and play the long game. You may not get the big private office. At least, you can still look forward to go to work every Monday morning.

Art of Breathing

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
New York Times reported that proper breathing technic helps to reduce stress.

Consciously changing the way you breathe appears to send a signal to the brain to adjust the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, which can slow heart rate and digestion and promote feelings of calm as well as the sympathetic system, which controls the release of stress hormones like cortisol.

The article has suggested three breathing exercises which I encourage to try.  Click on the link for more details.


The WHEN/THEN Excuse

WHEN I finish my exams, THEN I will read that book.

WHEN my kids are all grown up, THEN I will take that road trip.

WHEN I retire THEN I will start volunteering at the local community center.

Sounds familiar? We always wait for the perfect moment. The WHEN/ THEN excuse. We all have many things that we want to do. There are always something that we have to complete first before we can start doing what we want. It is a vicious cycle. At the end, we have not done anything or started anything.

How many dreams that we gave up because the “WHEN” moment never come? Sometimes, we do not need the “WHEN” moment. We just need to do it.

Want to exercise more? Then exercise.

Want to write more? Then write.

As I write this, I already have a long to-do list on my table.

WHEN I complete my to-do list THEN I will write.

If I follow my own suggestion. I would never have started writing at all.

Never let the “WHEN” moment dictates your action. Just do it, you will find the time.

No Perfect Moment but Accumulation of Moments

My friend has spend the last 15 years working in a job that she hates. She always tells me that she is tired and sick of her manager. She wants to break free. She wants to quit the rat race and become a Yoga instructor. So she attended the course and got her certification as a yoga instructor.

She is still holding onto her old job.

She told me she will find the right moment to live her dreams. That was six months ago. When is the right time? She said she will feel it, the universe will tell her. The universe will help her to achieve her dreams.

I do not know how the universe will tell her. Maybe the universe is waiting for her to proof herself that she is worthy of living her dreams. I believe life should be an evolution rather than a revolution. There is no perfect moment but an accumulation of moments.

Start small. You may have huge dreams and aspirations but you can start small. Have a skill that you can share? Teach it to your family and friends. Start a blog and share with the world.

Reach out. Search for people who are like minded as you. Use the internet to search for a community that is near your place. Take part in social outings and share experience. Sign up for classes that offers similar services that you want to offer. Learn from the people who are already doing it.

Experiment. Experiment with a variety of approaches. It could be with social media, taking part in a convention, or a master mind group. Each experiment will give you new insights about yourself and crowd that you want to serve.

Make adjustments. To get something that you never have is to do something that you never did. Made adjustment to your life and your way of doing things. Learn from each experiment and improve on each iteration.

Aware of your emotions. Are you feeling happy? Are you feeling miserable? Maybe the dream is not what you want. How do you know that you are on the right path? Your heart will tell you.

If you do the above everyday. Let those small moments accumulate. Soon the world will open up to you. The universe will know you are worthy of living your own dreams. By then, you do not need to find the perfect moment. You be living in the moment.

We Were All Once Brave and Fearless

When I was a kid, I can to do handstand on the sofa. I have fallen down from monkey bars and dislocated my elbow. I would climb anything that I can reach. I did it all before my 12th-year-old birthday. I was the daredevil in my family. I take risk for cheap thrills.

Somehow and something changed. As I grow up, I wanted stability. I rather have whatever that is in my palm than risking it for something more. Age did not make me wiser, it made me more afraid. Invest in share market? Nah. It is too risky. Start a business? What if it fails? Apply for the job that I wanted? What if I get rejected?

I said “No” to myself before being told “No” by others. I locked myself in a prison that has no door. A prison without guards.

The longer I locked myself in the prison, the longer it takes for me to get out. It is okay to take risk. It is okay to get injured. You lived and you will tell the tale. Start small, start today.

Do something that you enjoy in your childhood. I like to doodle. Doodle that I do not need to show anyone. I create my own story, I create my own battle. Yes! I was the Master of Universe.

Do something that you have not done for more than three months. I took the family for trail running. After twenty minutes, I have to tell them to slow down as I think I am going to have a heart attack. I picked up my old camera and took some awful pictures. In the end, I had smile.

Call someone or write to someone whom you have not communicated for more than three months. I begin to look forward checking my E-mails. Getting responses or calls from old friends are like opening Christmas gifts. I wonder what surprises each will bring.

Tell someone that you are grateful for what they did for you. I told my kids that I am grateful for showing me how I have forgotten to live life. I told my wife that I am grateful for her in putting up with my nonsense. I tell myself that I am grateful for protecting me and putting myself in my own prison. And now I have to break free.

Forgive yourself. Everyone messes up. It is okay. Accept the mistake and move on. Tell yourself, “I forgive you.”

If you do all the above, will you break out from your prison? Maybe not. At least not yet. What you learn is that you are in your own prison. Before you can leave the prison, you must know and be ready for the outside world.

There will be pain. There will be injuries. There will be mistakes. There will be tears. There will be joy. There will be happiness. There will be freedom. Welcome to life.