Stay Curious to Break Habits

Google “mindfulness“, you will get about 62 million hits. The world mindfulness is very abstract and rather difficult grasp.

Psychiatrist Judson Brewer on this Ted talk gave a better definition. Being curious. By being curious, we are given the permission to explore and aware of what is going on. Instead of going on autopilot to pick up the cigarette or check the phone as soon as it pings, be curious why you need to pick it up.

Having the ability to be more self-aware, you get to know yourself better and start to make changes.


Happiness in Six Months

Happiness. We all want it. What does happiness means to you? Does it mean having loads of money in the bank account? There is no need to work anymore? Staying healthy? Being with your loved ones?

Happiness and success do not cost a lot of money.

Here is a way to gain happiness in six month’s time. In six months, you will be happier. You will feel good about yourself. You will be grateful for your life. You will make more friends. People will look up to you. You will learn new skills. The challenges in your life will have a lesser impact.
In six months, you may have more opportunities coming your way. You may even find your next partner.


Once a week, volunteer your time at the local religious or community centre. You do not need to have specialised skills to become a volunteer. Just have the courage to walk in and tell the person-in-charge that you are here to help. This is a place where you will be welcomed with an open arm.

The purpose of volunteering is to help someone who is in need. Your presence and your time will put a smile on someone’s face. In return, you will gain happiness from the heart. Smile and happiness can be contagious. It spreads far beyond the time that you have volunteered.

Happiness is not about having loads of money in the bank account or getting that promotion. Happiness is about spreading kindness and compassion to everyone in our life.

Sometimes You Have to Put Down Your Hat

I lie down on the bed looking at the ceiling. I cannot sleep. The house is quiet and everyone is asleep. My thoughts are a million miles a minute.

  • How is my work going?
  • Are the kids doing well at school?
  • Can I afford to pay my loans?
  • What happens if I lose my job?
  • Should I start a side hustle?

Questions. Answers. Questions. Answers. The body gets heavy. Not because of I am sleepy. But the weight of the many hats that I have to wear. The hat of an employee. The hat of a husband. The hat of a father. The hat of a friend.

When we walk into the office, we wear the hat of an employee. When we walk into the house, we wear the hat of a family member. When your kids needed help, you have to wear the hat of a parent.

What happens when we are alone? If we are not careful, we wear multiple hats at the same time. Those hats will not only wear you down but break your spirits.

When we are alone, try putting down all the hats. Allow yourself to be yourselves. I am not asking you to abandon your responsibility, but to put it down for now and take a break. You deserve it. You need it.

Find a quiet place, take a deep breath and enjoy the tranquillity. Put down whatever hat that you were wearing. It is also the moment to put down the past and the future. Do not speak or mess with your mobile phone. Listen to your heartbeat and your breathing.

The world can be a cold and cruel place. Be kind to yourself.

When you are done. You can wear the hat that you need to wear. Take big strides and do whatever you need to do.