Honesty In A Dishonest World

You did your best. You give it all you got. The finishing line is within reach. No one is ahead of you. Yes! You can make it. Your hard-work, blood sweat and tears have finally bear fruits. Then, life happens! Someone pushed you from behind. You fumble and you fall to the ground. As you struggle to get up, the person has taken your position and crossed the finishing line. They are celebrating! All you got to show for is nothing but a bloody knee and a mouthful of sand.

You believe in honest living. You believe in hard-work. Put in sufficient hours and effort, nothing is impossible. Wrong! Some people cheat their way to success. While you struggle, staying up late, sacrificing health and social life, just to keep that dreams of yours alive. The darkness seems forever. Whatever that you have gained is either fleeting or insignificant.

Why should you try so hard when everyone else is cheating their way to success. They even rubbed their success into your face. Taunting you. Teasing you over your path of honesty.

You are tempted to join them. What is the point of an honest living when all you experienced is nothing but disappointment and frustrations?

As you are being tempted. Think and consider again. To enjoy the success that you want, you must earn it. There are just no short cuts. Yes! It is easier to cheat your way to success. Nevertheless, each success comes with a cost.

An honest living is also a form of success.

You sleep better. You may be frustrated and failed all the time. Sometimes, failure keeps you up at night. You can still fall asleep knowing that you have done nothing wrong. You do not need to worry about unexpected phone calls, strangers knocking on your door and letters from the authority. One of the many best things in life is to have a good night sleep.

You built a reputation. People see you as a go-getter. An honest go-getter. You may not be as successful as your counterpart. You would still attract good people into your life. Ask yourself, would you want to hang out with someone who cheats to success or someone who never stops trying?

You live a fuller life. You may not become as successful as you have imagined. Let failure and frustrations be the fertiliser of your life. You are able to withstand more frustrations and setbacks than any other people. You will not break in the face of small setbacks as you have sailed through worst storms.

When you finally in succeeded. The success will last longer and you would have appreciated the rewards even more. Many of us will not be wildly successful, but it should not stop us from finding little joys that made up in our life.

Destined to Swim Upstream

Many years ago, someone once asked me what is my spirit animal? I do not know what is my spirit animal. It never crosses my mind that I have a spirit animal.

An animal spirit is supposed to help me to find strength, energy, wisdom and courage. In the event where I have lost the path of life, the animal spirit will guide and allow me to find my path again.

Some say I do not find my spirit animal. I have to let the animal spirit to find me. What kind of spirit animal will find me? Will I mistake it as a predator that may eat me? Or will I see it as food?

If I have to guess my spirit animal. The spirit animal would be salmon. Salmon is one of those fishes were it is born in freshwater, migrate to the sea and return to the fresh water for reproductive purposes.

The salmon swims upstream from the sea against the river to find a place to spawn. Besides fighting against the current, it has to watch out for predators such as bears, eagles, otters and humans. Along the journey, there may be obstacles such as rapids and waterfalls. The salmon will have to jump over the obstacles. Many of the salmon will die during the journey. Even if they have managed to spawn at the destination, it will deteriorate and die. For most salmon, it is a one-way journey.

The salmon did all these for the next generation. The salmon did not take the easy way out by staying at the ocean. It chooses to swim upstream. It is destined to swim upstream.

I have been beaten down many times and I kept moving. There are days where I wish I can curl up on the bed and never wake up. I got up. There are many times where all I see is darkness and hopelessness, and I have to feel my way out. No matter what life throws at me, I have to keep going.

I swim the upstream of life for my family. I want to protect them and nurture my children. I want to leave this world a better place than it was before. Let my body be the nutrients. Let my action be the guide. Please forgive all the mistakes that I made along the way. I do not want to mess things up but I still do. I learn something new everything. I try to improve every day.

We are all here for a purpose. Not to accumulate worldly possessions. Regardless of your spirit animal. Let it be your calling, let it inspire you to take the risk. The jungle of life may be scary and harsh. Nevertheless, many animals thrive in it. Whether you are a big animal or a small animal. There is always a place for you. Without the jungle, animals cannot live.

A fish should not be jealous of eagles who soar into the sky. An elephant, should not feel sour of the monkey’s climbing skill. We are all unique and special in our own way. Dig deep and love yourself.

Life is meant to be hard. Life is meant to be tough. I am destined to swim upstream.

When Life is Not Fair

You know life is going to be tough. You are prepared for disappointments. You are willing to put in the hard work. You are willing to stay up late and work up early to get ahead.

Just when you thought there is a glimmer of hope that you can finally make it. Life takes it all back. You left crying. You shiver in the cold rain. You never felt more alone. You ask yourself, “What is the point?”. You tell yourself, “This is not fair!”.

Life is not fair. It is probably the one lesson that all human beings have to learn as early as possible. Life may not be fair, but we can still take charge to make our life better.

There are days where life is not fair to you. There are also days where life is fair to you. Opens your eyes and see. There is always someone who wish to be in your position.