To Sleep, You Have To Surrender

I lie in bed and look at the ceiling. I am tired but I cannot fall asleep. There are just many thoughts going through my mind. I try to push those thoughts out. I count my breath, but those thoughts just keep coming back. I take notes. I write it all down.
Sleep is not an exercise. The harder I try to fall asleep, the more awake I get.
I am an angry person. I am angry that I am not as successful as others. I am angry that life is not going to the way that I want. I want to be in control.
From the day that we are born, until the day that we die. We are always in a constant battle. A battle for our needs. A battle for our wants. A battle for our happiness. Control your destination. Control your future.
Life is never meant to be controlled. The more control I put into my life. The worst I get. I fall sick as I cannot fall asleep. I am always tired. I cannot focus on what is important. I get angry because I did not get to finish the things that I set out to do. Disappointment brings anger. Anger brings suffering.
We cannot control life. It is time to surrender. To surrender to life. We never ask how and when we are born. We will never know when and how we will die. How can we know what happens in between birth and death? Do our best and surrender to life. Surrendering does not mean giving up. Surrendering means accepting. To accept and embrace the harsh reality of life.
On a beach vacation, I close my eyes and let the wave float me to wherever it desires. I was floating. I was relaxed. I was still. I let the body ride the wave. Up it goes. Down it comes. I can never stay up all the time. I can never stay down all the time.
There is no control. There is only surrender. There is only accepting.
I shall let life bring me to whatever that it wants me to go. Let the dreams come. Let the nightmare comes too. Embrace me, life. Tonight, I shall surrender.

The One Trick to Keep Yourself Motivated to Exercise

I always have a problem staying motivated to workout. I would look for the latest and shiniest workout routine. I would do it for a few weeks and quit. When I do not see the results that I want or the journey got tough, I quit. I find excuses such as no time or do not have the right equipment.

To workout, there no need expensive shoes or gym membership. The body itself can be your own personal gym. There is just no excuse not to work out.
Here is one trick that has been very useful and it works for me. I have been working out non-stop for the past two months. I do not see any sign that I am slowing down or quitting.

Put your workout routine on Social Media. Let all your friends and family see your workout routine. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It does not matter.

You would probably get loads of “like” and comments. The feedback will serve as a form of motivation for you.

If you post your workout on a regular basis. Here is what going to happen:

  • People see you as a motivation to hit the gym.
  • People expect you to share your workout.
  • People do not care how light you carried or how short you ran. The important thing is you got your work-out completed.

Last two months since I started to post my workouts, I jogged nearly every other nights. I would workout whenever I find the time. I would be brutally honest with all my workouts, especially the failures and frustrations. I thought I would lose my audience. Instead, I am getting more comments and likes from my social circles. All these feedbacks only serve as fuel to push me further into mine workouts.

In fitness and exercise, there are no shortcuts. Your results are proportional to your effort that you put in.

Social media is a double edge sword. Use it to your advantage to improve your lifestyle.