You Still Can Learn Something New

I graduated from high-school in the 90s. Maybe I am math inclined, I still remember most of my mathematical formulas and theories. Did the math that I learned from school useful? Not really. I cannot recall the need to do Algebra or Pythagoras in real life.

In essence, my math learning days are over! One plus one will forever be two. There is nothing new to learn.

Until my children’s school math workshop introduced called Model Method. I will not go into details of the method. I would just say, this is an entirely brand new way to solve math questions for young children. It is a combination of diagrams and numbers to solve math problems. The method is far easier compared to what I have learned.

How many times have we actually let go of good learning opportunities that can improve ourselves or change our life? It is not that there is nothing new to learn, but we have decided to close our mind and accept the status quo.

There was a scholar who visited a monk wanting to learn about Zen. The monk invited the scholar for tea. As the monk poured tea into the scholar’s cup, the tea overflowed and the monk kept pouring. The scholar asked the monk to stop pouring as the cup is already full. The monk replied to the scholar, “Your mind is like this cup, it is already full. Unless you can empty your mind, else how can I show you what is Zen?”

This story has many version, but its lesson is the same. We have to keep an open mind.

Think that you already know your work or industry? Think again. Sometimes it is the outsiders who disrupt the industry.

Steve Jobs disrupted the music industry with iPod, communication industry with iPhone.

Elon Musk disrupted the car industry with Telsa.

It is never too late to learn. All you need is to improve 1% a day. In 72 days, you will double what you have learned.

Here are some resources for you to learn

  • YouTube — Anything that you want to learn or know, it is probably there. And is free!
  • Udemy — A site that has various courses from productivity to personal development. The charges of each course is no more than a book.
  • CreativeLive — A site similar to Udemy but more on arts and creativity.
  • Coursera — Courses from top universities.

Some courses are free. Some courses may cost money.

As Warren Buffet says, “The best investment is in yourself.” Go and learn something today.

Resource on Model Method:

Recharge Yourself Like Recharging Your Gadgets

We all have electronic gadgets that require regular charging. Especially my mobile phone, I would charge it right before going to bed. Without a good charge, our gadgets may not have sufficient power to get through the task that we needed it for.

Do you give yourself sufficient charges to be functional? The answer is probably not. Whenever I caught myself doing mindless surfing or flipping aimlessly through TV channels, I would I am tired. Or sometimes I wake up feeling worse than before going to bed.

If this is symptoms of fatigue and burn-out. I am definitely guilty of burning both ends of the candle.

There have been days where I feel great. There have been days where I feel that I am being buried alive.

For the days that I feel great, here are a few things that I did. It works for me. I hope you will find it useful too.


Ever since I learned about Tara Brach through Tim Ferris’s podcast. I have been hooked with her guided meditation. No doubt I am not doing it frequently as I wanted. Whenever I do it, I always feel recharged and more aware of my thoughts. Through meditation, I am able to catch hold of my anger and frustrations whenever it arises. Even if I had a bad day, it quickly blows over.

What if, you fall asleep during meditation? That’s okay. In a way, it is your body telling you that you are tired and needed rest.

What if you do not like meditation? Or do not like the idea of sitting still? Here is another idea…


Exercise gets the blood flowing. Exercise helps to trigger the hormone that regulates your happiness. By keeping your body active, you will be paying attention to your body. By paying attention to your body, it distracts you from whatever stress or problem that you have at hand. This helps to put your problem into perspective. This is why writers such as Nassim Taleb and Charles Dickens would take long walks.

Last but not least.

Go to bed.

I know it is a no-brainer. But how many of us actually refuse to go to bed even though we are tired? I am guilty of this. One more video. One more article. One more post. By the time, I go to bed, it has passed my bedtime and waking up feeling ever tired. Sleep helps to reset the brain and prepare us for the following day’s challenges. Do not underestimate the danger of being sleep deprived.

Being sleep deprived, we face the risk of accidents, hallucinations, impaired judgements and mood disorders. For additional reading on the risk of sleep deprivation. Watch the video below.

The world is ever getting more competitive. We need to be constantly alert to stay in the game. Recharge yourself. Stay alert. Stay safe.