The One Tool To Stay Focus

If you are like me who always gets distracted. The tool that I have been using would be useful to you. I have been using this tool to stay focus whenever I needed some deep concentration to get some task done.

The tool that I am referring to is Countdown Timer.

As I am writing this post, I am using a timer. I set it to 25 minutes and it is counting. I will not do anything else until the alarm goes off. I will not check social media, e-mails, YouTube or the telephone messages. Pure 25 minutes of writing. The session is long enough where I do not require a break.

Here are some places where you can find a Countdown Timer.

Google Countdown Timer. This is the tool that I am using now.

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Key-in “countdown timer”.
  3. Google’s countdown timer will appear.
  4. Enter the amount of time that you want to stay focus.
  5. Click start, the timer will start to countdown.
  6. When the timer reaches zero, it will play a chime to indicate the time is up.

The mobile phone’s Countdown Timer. Useful when you are on the go.

  1. Go to the mobile phone’s clock setting.
  2. Most mobile phones should have a countdown timer.
  3. Enter the amount of time that you want to stay focus.
  4. Click start, the timer will start the countdown.
  5. When the timer reaches zero, the phone will chime.

Depending on the phone settings, you may customise the phone alarm.

There are other tools on the market. Another common tool is the kitchen timer. Or you can take the more philosophical method, use an hourglass.

What if you do not like silence? You need some music or noise in the background to stay focus.

You can create a playlist that allows you to stay focus.

The Internet is never short of tools to help the people to stay focus and productive. I personally find 25 minutes of short focus work the most productive if I need to quickly hack out some work. Nevertheless, a tool is just a tool. You are still accountable to stay disciplined and focused to get the work done.

When You Are Tired of Living

Nothing seems to go right. It is as if the whole world decides to conspire against you. Your boss hates you. Your teacher hates you. Your family hates you. You have no friends. You have disappointed everyone in your life. There is no meaning in life. There is no future. You have nothing to look forward to. It is just painful to wake up and face the world and you are all alone.
I hear you. I too am lonely in this crowded world. I have failed in business. I have failed in work. I have failed in relationships. I have also failed to be a parent. I laugh at silly jokes when my heart is crying. I feel that my family would be better if I am dead. At least, they will be paid with some insurance money. I too am tired of living. What is the point? There is just more and more pain. The more I live, the more disappointed I get. The more suffering I have to endure.
I am your friend. I hear you. I know what you are in pain.
The pain that you are going through is probably nothing that I have gone through or even imagined. But please allow me to take your hand to go through this dark period together. I know I am a nobody and I have my own set of problems. No one needs to go through pain by themselves.
I know that you have tried. All the positive self-talk. All the motivational YouTube videos. Nothing seems to work. You just keep messing up your life.
You are not alone. I too am in pain. Nothing hurts more than the pain of the soul. I do not know you. And you do not know me. I am here. I am willing to help. I am willing to give my love and my kindness. I do not have all the answers but I will try.
Take a deep breath and count to five.
And let go of the breath. Congratulations, you have done something that many wish they can do. To breath. To be alive. Try again and repeat as many times as necessary.
Now go and get yourself a glass of water. I am sure you have not been eating well or getting properly hydrated. So please drink a glass of water. Feel the water in your mouth, feel it going into your throat. Congratulations, you are luckier than 780 million people who do not have access to clean water.
Put your hand on your chest. Feel the heartbeat. We have done nothing to deserve a pumping heart. But it is there. Close our eyes again and feel it. It is strong, it is fighting for life. When is the last time you ever hear your pumping heart? Listen to it now. It wants to live!
But what is the point of living? So that we can have more sufferings? I hear you. I said the same thing to myself. Mentally, every day I am like eating glass.
Let your suffering be your guide to others who are also in pain. When you see someone who is in pain, who is crying. Hold the person’s hand, tell her that she is not alone. You too are in pain. She is not alone and you will be with her.
Life can be filled with suffering. I cannot take your suffering away but I just want to tell you that you are not alone. We will go through the pain together.

Death Is Just Around The Corner

A friend’s student had recently died in a vehicle accident. His throat was cut by a flying bolt. This student was only in his early twenties.
As I got home, I look at my family, I whispered how glad that I have all of you.
Someone had an accident. Someone got robbed. We always think that it is someone else that will face life’s test. But to that someone else, we are the someone else.
Death is just around the corner. Death is waiting for its chance to pounce on us. It is inevitable that we all will someday die. But we do not know when. Yet, most of us squander our life away with gossips and arguing over trivial matters.
Memento Mori (Latin: “Remember you have to die”), the meditation on death is a major pillar of Stoics’ daily practice. The philosophy is not meant to be negative, far from it. It is a reminder of life’s impermanence and we should cherish and make use of the time given to us.
If Memento Mori feels somewhat familiar is probably because you have heard a similar phrase uttered in the show called “Game of Thrones”. The House of Stark reminds themselves that “Winter is Coming”. It is a reminder to be vigilant and prepare for the harshness of life.
Be prepared for death. Remind yourself that ultimately all of us will become ashes. Think about what is important to you. The big house, the fast cars become irrelevant when you know death is just around the corner. Death frees up the desire of un-necessary craving.
What will your loved ones say when you are dead? In the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey challenges us to think about attending our own funeral. Imagine everyone standing in front of the crowd saying something about you. What will they say about you? Take note of those words. Those words would be a beacon of your life’s direction. If your children talk about how loving you being a mother. Then live life being a loving mother while you are still alive.
Attend your own funeral at least once a year. Listen to those words and you will not waste your life ever again.