How to Deal With Death

Death is everywhere. As soon as we are born, we are destined to die. This may sound harsh and cold, but this is the reality. Philosophers and religions have accepted death as inevitable and a teacher.

No man can escape his destiny, the next inquiry being how he may best live the time that he has to live.
Marcus Aurelius (Meditations – Book VII, 167 A.C.E.)

Death is not an easy subject. In fact, the word death is not normally mentioned. People rather use “passed away” or “kick the bucket” to describe death. We all will die. There is no need beat around the bush.

Death is probably the greatest equalizer. No one escapes from it. Whether you are poor, rich or famous, none of us can escape the clutches of death.
We can only be prepared for death.

When death is at your doorstep, would you be worried about the latest celebrity gossips? Or the driver who cut into your lane without any indicator? No. When we stare death in the eyes most issues in life melt away.

So, we have to live every day like our last day on earth? No. Live every breath like is our last breath. Buddha said the human span of life is in a breath. In each breath, we live. When we stop breathing, we stop living. We die.

Start breathing and take notice.

Is death the end? No one truly dies because we carry on with the person’s memory. My grandfather died when I was still a toddler. But my family shares stories of him. I have never met him. I have never heard him speak. I know stories of him. The stories stay with me.

When my friends and family tell stories about me. I live! I will continue to live in their conversation. No one will remember what you have done for them. But people will remember how you make them feel. If you have lived a life of compassion and kindness. There is no need to worry about what people say behind your back or when you are gone.

Death should not be feared. It reminds us of the uncertain and impermanence of life. When the good times come, it will soon be gone. When the bad times come, it too will soon be gone. All we can do is to capture and take note of each moment.

Live life. Live each moment. One breath at a time. Happy living.