Say this for a Better Discussion

A good discussion brings out the best the ideas. For any good leader, it is important to stay away from the “Yes” people. The “Yes” people may tell you things that you want to hear, but may not necessarily be the information that you need to know.
While sometimes, team members are too afraid or reluctant to share their thoughts, afraid of offending the leadership.
To make a good decision, you need to have someone to challenge the decision. Let the debate flow, listen to both sides of the arguments and make a decision. In the Catholic Church, there is a role called The Devil’s Advocate. The responsibility of this person is to argue against the decision to canonize the individual for sainthood. By studying both sides of the discussion, this allows the church to make a less bias decision.
We too can have the Devil’s Advocate in our group discussion. If you do not want to appoint a person to play that role. Set up the discussion by saying this: “Let challenge this idea.” This will set the stage and gives permission to the team to challenge the idea.
We must listen and allow our team members to share their opposing view. Through opposing views, we can make better decisions. As a leader, we have to encourage our team members without having them to fear any repercussions. But are you ready to listen to thoughts that disagree with yours?