How to Face your Fear

I am afraid all the time. I am afraid of losing my job. I am afraid of losing my money. Afraid of losing the person that I love. The tighter that I held, the more fleeting life gets.

I lose sleep. I could not eat. I am afraid, I am losing my life.

It is the last day for my colleague. He lost his job due to restructuring. HR calls it Career Change Opportunity. Call it anything. He is going home to tell his family that he has lost his job and he has not found other opportunities. I am afraid to be him. In fact, everyone in the office is afraid.

Do something. I am afraid of not able to provide to my family. Thus I fear to lose my job. I read and learn. More importantly, I apply the knowledge. Stay connected. Stay relevant. Call a friend whom you have not spoken for more than three months.

Afraid of losing that person who is the love of your life? Prepare to let the person go. Tell her that you will love her and the door to your heart will open for her regardless of what she did. Will she stay? Maybe. Will she return? Maybe. This is life. There are no guarantees except for taxes and death.

Do nothing. Know what you can control and what you cannot control. Afraid of people talking smack behind your back? You cannot control what people say or not say about you. Leave it alone. Do your work. Give it your best. There is a rumour that the company may have a massive layoff? Nothing that you can do about the rumour. Focus on what you can do.
What if the fear is realised? There is a massive layoff. The love of your life decides to leave. Falling sick despite the healthy lifestyle. Accept it and embrace it. When you accept reality, fear stops to have a grip on you.

Am I still afraid? I still am. But I know I can look at it in the eye.