Is Okay To Quit, When….

Junk, abandon, Car

I have to say goodbye to a dream. I dream of restoring a 1992 Honda Civic. A simple car that belonged to my mother. The car was later handed down to other family members. The car was badly maintained by the time I took notice of the car. The car was abandoned and it was in a bad state.

I believe in the power resurrection. Everything should be given a second chance. Yes. Even a car should be given a second chance. I dream of restoring the car so that it can stay with the family and let my parents continue to enjoy its service.

I have spent more than half a month’s pay on this car thinking that I can get it back in order. The more I spent on it, the more problems it has. The budget for this car quickly run dry and there is no ending to it.

Today I have to pull the plug. The money spent, the expectation, the dream. I have to turn my back and walk away from the car.

Am I a quitter? Definitely yes.

It has exceeded my budget. A car can be a bottomless pit. Especially an old car. Since the car repair cost has exceeded my planned budget. I have no choice but to pull the plug.

How about the money that I have spent? Let it burn. At this stage, I have to watch out for Sunk Cost Fallacy. The mistake that many people make is refusing to let go of the money and time spend. Thus by throwing more good money at bad money. Eventually, it digs into a deeper hole further making the person difficult to cut the loses.

If I do not cut the loses. I would probably have spent far more than I can afford to get the car in working order. Obviously, it is an amount that I cannot afford. There is also the opportunity cost that I have to consider. The money spent on repairing the car could be better spent on a family holiday.

This is life. What we dream. What we wish and hope may not always come true. Built in a trip wire in your decision-making process. Set a limit or a trigger point. When an incident triggers the trip wire, you will need to take action. In this case, I have used the budget as a trigger. When the car repair exceeds the budget, I have decided to cut my losses.

Life is too short to get tangled up by attachments or lost cause. It is only by giving up, we can learn how to move ahead.

Every Hike Starts with One Step

To achieve your dreams take one step at a time.

Whether you are tracking to the highest mountain or the simple slope on a lazy afternoon. All hike starts with a simple step. And then the next step. And the next.

The difference between a professional and an amateur is the professional take action every day, while the amateur takes action when inspiration comes. Time waits for no one. It is all about taking the journey.

If you have a dream want to achieve. Take action every day. Sometimes, the need to do more research is an excuse not to start.

Take out a table calendar. Whenever you completed the task that allows you to be closer to your goal, cross out that day. The next day, you do the same. Whatever you do, do not break the chain. You will soon build up the necessary momentum to achieve your dreams. Every day will not be a good day. If you keep at it long enough, successful days and days of failure should even out.

Setbacks and failure is part of the journey. It is not final. Learn from each failure. Take that step and you will soon reach the finishing line. Each day. Every day.

There is No Someday on your Calendar

Someday I will start my business. Someday I will be on the diet to lose weight. Someday. And more someday. How many more somedays did we lie to ourselves? We tend to postpone our dreams rather than pursuing it.

Check against your calendar, there is no Someday. This means “someday” will never come. Make “someday” to become “today”.

Today you should be taking action to realise your dream. All you need is to take one step and follow by another. That someday is today. Start now. Start right away.

No Zero Days

Whether it is studying, working on your side hustle or writing. There should be no zero days. Zero days means you did not do anything. Regardless of whether you are busy or caught up by life’s commitment. Do at least one activity before going to bed.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you achieve your dreams? One step at a time. By having the discipline of no zero days, you have made sure you work on your side project on a daily basis. Through this discipline, you are able to achieve far more than someone who waits for inspiration.

I read and write every day. If I know I have a full day ahead. I would read and write in the morning. Doing it all just before going to bed is probably the least effective to improve. I find myself feeling tired and difficult to get into the flow. As such, try not to leave creative work to the end of the day. And I am guilty of this most of the time.

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for not doing. Saying “I do not have time to do it”, is equivalent to “my dog eat my homework”. Most of my writings are no good. It is only through bad writing, I can find my good writing.

No one is pushing you. No one is holding you accountable except yourself. You just have to do it. Do it every day, there are no zero days.

Pain is Your Friend

I lie on the bed could not fall asleep. I am afraid of falling asleep. I am tired of today. And I am afraid of tomorrow. I attend meetings with all smiles, nobody knows that I am dying inside. I wake up with my fist clenched. Marching into my self-made prison. There is no door, there is no lock. But no one dares to escape. Work hard, pay off the mortgages and your children’s education. That’s all they say.

Slay the dragon and make every day count. The only easy day is yesterday. Go! You can do it! That’s all I tell myself during hours of frustration.
Give yourself some time, time will ease the pain and frustration. No. Time does not ease the pain. I just got used to it.

We have been programmed that we all should be feeling happy all the time. That’s not possible. What is the flip side of happiness? Pain and sadness.

Pain can be your friend. Suffering can be your friend. When there is pain. It is the start of a journey.

With pain, I learned not to waste time and improve myself through reading and writing. I learn to work more efficiently. I learn who are my friends during hours of desperation. I learn to love because others too are in pain.

I am still in pain. I am still afraid. Every day it gets a little bit better. Pain is my friend. Pain will introduce me to another friend, happiness.

I am like Walter Mitty

I admit it. I am like Walter Mitty. I indulge in daydreaming of something more than just this existence. I never have the courage to take action or take the risk to realize my dream. Yet I dream of doing more. I dream of being a successful digital nomad who makes enough money to look after the family and support the kids to higher education. I will spend every six months living in a different country while running an online business. Money is not a problem but not to the point of splurging. This is a dream and a long distant dream.

I started this blog is because I feel stuck. Stuck in my job. Stuck in my life. Crushed by a mountain of commitments. A long list of task that I must finish but with no sense of accomplishment. I dream of more. I dream of breaking free.

It is okay that there is a Walter Mitty inside you. We all want to have a better life. Many of us just “want” but never do. Let your frustrations and your daydream be the fuel for you to take action. Even if you dream of nothing but dragons and knights, write or draw about it! How much longer do you want to wait? How much time left in your existence? Not much. You are probably dead without knowing it.

Today, take that small steps to make a change. Write the first line of your great novel. After all, what else have you got to lose?

Please share your experience in the comments section.

Do This And Find Your Passion

I am trapped inside my cubicle. The cubicle is like a prison. This is a prison without a door. I can leave anytime I want. But every morning, I will show up on time, sit down do my time and leave. I will spend five days inside the self-made prison to exchange for two days of freedom. I am bad a math, and I do not think is a good deal. Family commitment. Loans to pay. Great medical insurance. I am trapped. I need to compromise. Take one for the team. Even though you are losing your mind. You have to keep your job!

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Probably not. Instead of searching for the light. You can make light.

Let your childhood be the spark. Look within yourself and think about what is your favourite activity when you are growing up? What are the activities where you will lost hours into it? Could it be music? Could it be the riding BMX down the dirt road? I enjoy reading and writing. That’s why I read and share what I learn by writing.

Dan Carlin is not a historian but his podcast on history is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Passion about a topic? You can write about it. You can talk about it. You can shoot a video about it. There is no stopping you. Except yourself.

What if you are too old? But you are not getting any younger. Start now. Start immediately.

I have just written another post. And I still have to keep my job. Maybe one day, I will walk out from this prison without looking back. For now, I know how freedom potentially taste like. We can all break free.

Do the Right Small Things Correctly

A Malaysia politician announced that the country is set to unveil a prototype flying car by the end of 2019. The announcement was not well received considering the general perception of Malaysia national cars is of inferior quality.
No doubt there is a saying “Aim for the moon. Even if you missed, you will land among the stars”. This encourages people to think big and aim big. Would it be easier and more effective if we can do the right small things?
Jordan Peterson. Clean your room.
Ask yourself this question, what is the smallest thing that you can do to bring the most improvement to your life? It could be waking up half an hour earlier to write your journal. Or cutting back on your daily caffeine intake. By making one small change, it sets you up for the next small change. When you look back, your life would never be the same.
Aim for the moon, but you must break free from the gravity by doing all the right small things correctly.