Integrity is Everything

Integrity is everything
Integrity is everything

There was an options trader spotted an opportunity in the market. He had mobilised funds that far exceeded his allowed allocation to make the trade. The trade was in his favour and he made millions for the company. When the company found out. He was fired from his job.

Was the company cruel to do so? Definitely not. Rules are put in place for a reason. The intention is to maintain control within the organization. If the majority of traders decide to take matters into their own hands, this exposes the company to un-precedent risk and may lead to its failure.

Rogue trader Nick Lesson brought down Barings Bank by losing £827 million back in 1995. At that time, his income was £200,000 a year. This is a case of someone who let his greed cloud his inner compass.

The lesson is not only applied to trading. It is applicable to everyone. A sales-person must operate within the company’s rules even though she is under pressure to achieve the sales target.

Some say we need more rules as guardrails to ensure we do the right thing. I disagree. We do not need more rules. We need an inner conversation. Within us, we know what is right or wrong. We have been blinded by material greed and lack the patience to grind out the success that we want. We take the silly risk. Eventually, it caught up and lead to our downfall.

Integrity is everything. Talk to yourself whether it is the right thing to do? Your heart will tell you.

Why You Should Avoid Gossips

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You should avoid gossips

“Words have no wings but fly a thousand miles.”
Korea proverb

Take a moment to ponder how many hours have you indulged in gossips? Some celebrity is cheating on his wife. Or the cousin who seems to be happily married is filing a divorce.

We all have dreams to built the life that we all wanted. Yet, we have also indulged in idle gossips that brings us nowhere.

Maybe there is a lesson behind each gossip. Before you decide to speak of it, ask whether it is worthwhile?

“Don’t behave as if you are destined to live forever. What’s fated hangs over you. As long as you live and while you can, become good now.”

Marcus Aurelius

Do this for a New You

“Sometimes taking a risk really pays off. And not taking a risk is also a risk. So there’s no way out of risk. It’s a gamble one way or another.”
Jordan Peterson

All my life, I have never put anything on the line. I am someone you would call risk-averse. I do not gamble nor take part in any extreme sports. I never had any major setbacks or any achievements. I was given a job and I keep doing without asking much in return.

By the time I raise my head. It is too late. Life has passed by without me noticing. I have achieved none of my dreams.

That’s my biggest failure. I did not know my full potential. I played my life too safe.
Since then, I have tried many things.

  • I have tried doing business with someone and only to lose it all.
  • I took up running and the furthest that I have run is a half marathon.
  • I have an on-off relationship with my blog.
  • Wrote down many business ideas where it only remained as ideas.

Have I really failed? Not at all. The very least I am doing something that is outside of my regular day. The intention is to improve 1% a day. I may not improve every day. If the days that I improve and more than the days that I did not improve. I would still be a better person compared to where I started.

To improve to change you have to take some risk.

Taking risk for a newself

I have taken the risk of financial. I started a side business and only to fail. I have lost money and opportunity cost. I have gained experience in starting a business. Not a real financial loss but I have bought practical lessons in doing business.

I have taken the risk of embarrassment. I have never played or do any form of exercise since I graduated. In fact, I hate running. I bought the cheapest trainers that I can find. When I first started running, I thought I would die of a heart attack during the first1KM run. I slowly move up to 2KM, 3KM and more. I was badly prepared for my 10KM fun run. Many were wearing high-tech headphones, compression shorts and eating power gel. All I had was my phone and my regular running attire. I survived the run. Little did I know that I have been wearing the wrong type of shoes for running. In 2018, I completed my first half marathon.

I have taken the risk of knowledge. I quit reading the news site. I limit social media time to once a day. I do my best to read and learn. Read something that is outside of my expertise. I did not do it every day. However, when I stay in the path. I know my days are always better.

I have taken the risk of grit. There are days where I lack the self-discipline to do what I need to do. I would prefer a warm bed rather than going into the gym. I rather watch TV rather than reading what I need to read. But I always make sure I get back on the program. It is okay to fall back. But it is not okay to quit. By having grit, I am still better than what I used to be.

Do something different today. Take that risk. Go and ask for a coffee date with the person that you fancy. The only thing that you put on the line is a bruised ego. Pick up that book that makes you feel stupid. This is the growing pain that we all have to endure.

Improve 1% a day. In 72 days, you would have double what you are.