Quickly Calm Down in Two Minutes

Stay calm
Stay calm

To quickly calm down yourself in two minutes. You just to remember to breath and count.


Breath in through your nose and feel your belly expands outwards. Do it slowly. Do it for five seconds.

Hold your breath for 2 seconds.

Breath out from your mouth by pressing your belly against your spine. As you press the belly against your spine count for seven seconds.

Repeat until you are calm. Normally it takes about 2 minutes. If you are suffering something more serious, it may take longer.

Control breathing exercise has been proven to be beneficial. There is a variety of breathing exercise. Pick the ones that are most effective to you.

The benefits of control breathing exercise include:

  • decreased fatigue
  • reduced anxiety
  • better stress management
  • improved migraine symptom

Note: If you are not feeling better or suspect you are suffering from something severe. Please immediately seek medical attention.

When You are Not Detail Oriented


Anyone who has held a job would go through an annual evaluation. It is a time where the manager would evaluate the employee’s annual performance.

What scares me the most is the feedback for being “not detail-oriented”. By being not detail-oriented means getting send for more training on processes. There will be quick hacks such as using check-list. The work would be under constant scrutiny in the name of compliance and audit. Maybe, the person can produce work that has sufficient details.

Not being detailed oriented is not a process problem. It is a problem in mindset. It is a problem where a person is not interested in the given work.

A person who claims that he is bad with numbers but can remember all the stats of his favourite sports. Is the person really bad at numbers? Or merely an excuse for not having the interest?

If the person shows passion and interest, the person would be detailed-oriented.

When you find yourself not having the depth that you supposed to have in your work or any task. It is time for you to evaluate whether the work is still important to you? If the answer is no, it is time for you to move on. Life is too short for anyone to work in anything that does not give us any inspiration.

Are You the Cheapest Most Qualified Employee?

Cheapest Most Qualified
Cheapest Most Qualified

How does a business make money? They maximise profit and minimize cost. To a business, an employee would be considered as a cost. Employees who are not aligned with the business strategy will be let go.

Cruel? That’s the reality of life.

As an employee, we are paid to be compliant and play to the tune of the organization. Nothing wrong with that choice. You got to ask yourself whether it is the life that you want? To be a cog of a huge organization. Exchange 5 days of prison for 2 days of freedom. You can be creative but not too creative because many of us are not paid to be creative.

If you still have a job or you are being hired. Chances are you are the cheapest of most the qualified employee.

You can live life on your own term. The door of your prison is not locked. If you enjoy writing. Write. If you enjoy going to the great outdoors. Go to the great outdoors. Document your work. Share your work and create value that truly belongs to you.

When you have enough reach. Enough people who notice your work. You will no more be the cheapest most qualified employee. You will be fully valued and appreciated.

Why You Cannot Change Even if You are Miserable

If you touch a red hot metal rod, you would immediately pull your hand back. If you touch a warm metal rod, you might be able to hold on longer.

Are you in enough pain?

To make a change in our life, we would need a kick in the bottom. The kick has to be so hard that it wakes us up and decide to make a change.

Sometimes, we got used to the pain and have surrendered to it. It can be a toxic relationship where we have this self-belief that we do not deserve a better relationship. We can be working in a job that we hate, but not enough for us to take action. We use five days of our life to exchange 2 days of freedom. Look around. How many of us are already dead in the inside and a breathing corpse? We have accepted the pain. We have gotten used to the pain.

Pain can be our friend. It tells us that something is not right and we have to take action.

Ask yourself. Are you in pain? If yes. It is time to take action.

Tomorrow is the Enemy

As I contemplate to write this, I told myself maybe I should write this tomorrow. I look at my forever long to-do list. I quit before I even get started.

Maybe I should do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow becomes today. Today becomes now.

The battle of procrastination is real. Everyone has their own battle. No one can fight on your behalf. Steven Pressfield calls this The Resistance.

Do the task that gives the best results now. Switch off the phone. Switch off the TV. Sit down and get started with the work. You will not stop until the task is done.

The first five minutes is probably the toughest. Imagine a train slowly gaining momentum. The first few moments is difficult due to the friction between the train and the track. Once the friction is overcome, there is no stopping the train. The same for doing any task. All you got to do is to start.

Success is a series of completed task piled together. Start building your success today by completing the task that gives you the furthest progress.

Tomorrow is the enemy. Soon, there will reach a life where the numbers of yesterday out numbers your tomorrow. It is just that no one knows how many more tomorrow is left. Do not squander your today.

There is no tomorrow.

When You Have Lost Yourself

When you feel you have lost yourself. Remind yourself this, you have not lost yourself but your heart is blind.


Whenever I feel lost, it is either due to work, family, money or health-related issues. Notice the commonality? None of which is within our control. We tend to associate our identity to objects that do not belong to us or have control. We can influence some parts of our life, but it is never under our control. Life is never meant to be controlled.

Yet many of us are lost when we lost our job, money or business. We get suicidal when our loved ones leave us. We never own anything, even our body. If we never own it, we never lose it.

If there is only one thing that is under our control it is our mind. We are always given a choice on how to respond to life. We can react negatively, or we can respond with dignity.

How many times, we witness people losing their cool and making things worse? Far too many. So, do not be part of the statistics.

“The first qualification of a general is a cool head,”

When bad things happen. The best response is to stay calm and watch the moment. Things are already bad enough. There is no need to let our emotion take charge and make things worst.

What if, you really feel you have lost yourself? To find yourself, you have to give. Give the gift of charity to strangers and to your loved ones. Smile at a stranger. Hold the door when someone is following you from behind. Whenever someone is serving you, look into the person’s eye and say thanks. Say a little prayer to the people who are suffering right now.

Keanu Reeves Homeless
Keanu Reeves Homeless

Through giving and through charity, you will find that you have never lost yourself. It is life’s pain and disappointment has blinded your heart. The more you give, the clearer your heart gets.

By opening up your heart, you will see the harsh reality of life. You will also see the beauty of life. Without feeling lost. Without seeing the darkness. You will never feel the relief of finding yourself. You will never appreciate the brightness of the sunbeam.

Tell yourself, “I am not lost anymore”. Find yourself by helping others and through loving-kindness.