Have You Prepared for Your Death?

The only certainty in life is taxes and death. Are you ready for your death? Have you prepared for your death?

It is a taboo to talk about death. However, it is also a topic we have to discuss. Death can tear a family apart. It changes the life who has left behind.

Death teaches us the impermanence of life. The lesson in death is also one of the core teachings of Buddhism. The Buddha said, “The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world”.

In Buddhism death is as normal as birth.

By embracing impermanence, we learn how to let go. Letting go of the grudges. Letting go of love ones. When there is a beginning, there is an ending.

For the Stoics, it is not about how long we lived, it is how we lived.

A life well-lived is prepared for a good death.

A well-lived life is a life of experience. The experience of reflection. The experience of honor. The experience of integrity.

Most of us will not know when we will die. We can choose how we live. How we can spend our limited time on earth?

Instead of building a resume of work. Build a resume of life. Do something that brings happiness to yourself and others.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what can you bring to the world? When you go to bed at night, have I lived today to the fullest?

Life is all in the breathing. Start breathing and bring joy to the world. And that’s how you prepare for your death.

The One Mindset for Better Time Management

Time Management
Time Management

Have you ever let your motor vehicle run out of fuel and let it stranded by the roadside? You may have done it once or maybe twice but not always. Regardless, how busy is your schedule, you would find time to put fuel into the vehicle. Time management is all about getting the right things done.

You find time is because you know it is important to do it. It is non-negotiable. If you do not put fuel into the vehicle, you run a risk of getting stranded.

Whatever dreams that you are chasing now. You must know whether it is important enough for you to schedule the time. When it is not important, you will procrastinate. So if you have a dream that you have been putting off for a long time. Dig deep and ask whether it is important enough for you? Maybe you just like the idea of having that dream and never pursuing it.

If it is important? Schedule it and do it. That’s how you manage your time.

When No One is Watching


There was a teacher who leads a group of students in the poor countryside. The villagers who live in the countryside supports both the teacher and students.

One day, the teacher announced that he would like to marry his daughter to one of his students. The teacher wanted to have a grand wedding. Since they are poor, the teacher informed the students that whoever can steal the most from the village, he will marry the daughter to the student. The only condition is that the student can only steal when no one is watching.

Soon, the students brought all kinds of valuables back to the teacher hoping to marry the daughter. Except for one student, he came back empty-handed.

The teacher was furious. The teacher demanded an explanation of why the student came back empty-handed? The student explained that even though no one else was watching him. He was watching ownself stealing from the villages. Therefore, he could not steal from the villages.

The teacher smiled. The teacher then announced that he will marry his daughter to this student as the student understood the teaching. Later, the teacher instructed the students to return all the stolen goods to the villagers.

We are being watched at all times. It could be by the public or ourselves. When someone is watching, we would be careful with our actions and words. What happens when no one is watching? Can you still hold the line of wisdom and discipline?

World-class performers spend thousands of hours practising their craft when no one is watching. That’s when real work gets done.

When you feel like cutting a corner, give in to laziness. Remember someone is watching you. The person is yourself. You owe yourself in performing the hard work, looking after yourself and maintain the self-discipline.

You Should Measure Life’s Success in Relationship

To know how good is a person is to attend the person’s funeral. Sit down listen to the eulogy and watch the crowd.

The topic is never about how rich or what car the person used to drive. But the how this person has touched their life.

Sit back, close your eyes and imagine you attending your funeral. What would your family and friends say about you?

Do you agree? Are you living up to the value that you think they would describe you?

Those words would be the guide on how you want to live your life.


Your success in life should be measured by the relationships that you established with the people that you care.

Provide the support and love that they need.

If you are feeling trapped in life. Do something nice for someone. Your horizon will open up.

The timeless wisdom of the Buddha, “If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path”.

A lasting relationship takes time to build. You may not see how you have touched someone’s life. The people whom you have helped or touch would know. Be the person who is rich in a relationship and not rich in money.