Do This When you Feel like a Failure

Do This When You Feel Like Failure
Do This When You Feel Like Failure

Failure is always around us. Try something new? You are destined to fail during the first few tries. Try something familiar? You are still destined to fail but lower chances.

You have to make a full out of yourself before you can be better. Do you have the courage to make a full out of yourself?

If anyone says she has not failed. Means the person is not trying hard enough.

Let failure be part of your life. But do not let failure define who you are. Success in life is never a straight line. You can only stumble towards success. But you must first give yourself a chance to stumble.

Observe your feelings. As soon as you feel the sense of failure creeping up or taking over your life, ask yourself why are you feeling it? Feel it within yourself. When you acknowledge the sense of failure, you takeaways its power to take over your body. You are back in control. The more you fight, the sense of failure gets worst.

Face your failure. Where you fall is where you stand up. Regardless of where you fail, that’s where you need to stand up, recalibrate and take action. Lost a big job promotion? Assess why you have failed. Not enough skills? No support from your network? Maybe is time to start a new job? Assess and be ready to take action.

Exercise. Work out! Get your body moving. Give it all you got. By keeping your body busy. It helps you to focus on the task at hand. Once you burn the extra energy out from your body. Your body generates happy hormone when you exercise. You have a clearer mind to tackle your task.

Gratitude. Sit down. Write down ten things that you feel gratitude for. It could be someone holding the elevator for you. It could be your car actually started. There are many things to be grateful for.

The sense of failure will always linger with you. But use that sense fo failure to fuel you to do bigger things. It should not cripple you.