There is no Excuse. Chase Your Dream Now

I took part in the 2019 Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon run. During the event, I noticed a limbless gentleman overtook me. He was on a skateboard paddling away. In my mind, he was chasing his own dream. There is no excuse. Chase your dream now.

Chris Koch
Chris Koch

The gentleman’s name is Chris Koch. He was born without any limbs. This did not limit him from doing things that is larger than life. He is a motivational speaker, surfer, farmer and kayaker. I am ashamed to say I am nowhere close to his achievement.

Besides taking part in the full marathon, he was also giving talks at a few schools located in Kuala Lumpur.

Chris Koch
Chris Koch

From the news, he comes off as someone energetic, funny and positive. Yes! He starts his life with a great disability. And he has done far more than someone who did in a lifetime.

He grew up in a family filled with love and support. Love conquers all. Including physical disability. His family did not write him off. He was given all the encouragement that he needs to be successful.

Mr Koch is like a modern-day swordsman Musashi who is seeking to improve himself and not afraid of hardships.

Please test the lowly Musashi with hardship. Let him become the greatest swordsman in the land, or let him die.

Mr Koch may not be as extreme as Musashi. Nevertheless, the intensity is similar to the great swordsman.

Many of us are luckier and abler compared to Mr Koch. Yet, we did not reach the full potential as he did. We have far more capability within us and we have squandered away. So what is your excuse?

It is essential to go through hardship and suffering to find our true callings. By going outside of our comfort zone, we will only know our new limits.

Life is a journey that we cannot u-turn. We have to keep moving. Do not waste your life. Mr Koch has achieved greatness. You too can achieve greatness. Chase your dream now.

Gain More By Sharing

For those who want to have a quality network or quality audience. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to get connected with professionals who are like you.
How do you stand out from a noisy and large crowd? In fact, how do you attract the correct group of people’s attention?

The keyword is “sharing”.

In LinkedIn, I would share technology news, productivity ideas and lifehacks that I find interesting.

I would use a tool called Buffer to schedule my postings. This tool helps me to stay engaged with my audience, especially on days where I am busy and could not do any postings.

Lately, I have participated in LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown. The editors share a daily writeup that made up of three pieces of news and a quote from a business leader.

I would take part in the discussion and share comments that I believe I can contribute to the writeup. I have been contributing to the writeup for four days.

Linkedin view
Linkedin view

The result is obvious. The number of views of my profile increased by 25%. I have also gained two new connections.

Does the increase in views and connections bring me immediate rewards? Probably not. However, by keeping myself relevant and taking part in the discussion, it helps me to keep studying and stay relevant to the industry.

If I never needed help or contact. I know I can to rely on my LinkedIn connections.

Does sharing work outside of LinkedIn? Yes! The act of sharing is the greatest gift. You can share your time by helping out at the local community hall. You can share your expertise on Quora. You can share knowledge with colleagues or classmates.

Through sharing, you know your knowledge gaps and you can improve on it.

The world does not owe anyone anything. We have to fight for what we want. Before we can receive what we want. We got to share it. Through sharing, we get recognition. We become the go-to person. By being the go-to person, opportunities will come our way.

See the world in abundance, and you will receive far more than you gave.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Amor Fati
Amor Fati

Hundred years from today, who will remember us? Probably no one. A rude driver cuts into your lane, does it matter one year from today?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Life will frustrate you. Life will throw a curveball at you during the most inconvenient time. If you get upset with everything that is not going well in your life, you live a miserable life. 

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche used the term “Amor fati“. In Latin, it means “love of one’s fate”. To love life is to accept life in its entirety. Loving life means accepting all the suffering and challenges. 

Human life is not short, nor is long. It is about how we manage life, to be productive, to be mindful, to live a life of loving-kindness. 

If you ever feel challenged or frustrated. Ask yourself, is it preventing you from living your full potential? If not, let it be. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Stop The Negative Labelling


Do you ever call yourself a procrastinator?
Do you ever call yourself a cheater?
The self-talk and labelling have prevented you from moving ahead in life.
You may have procrastinated but you are NOT a procrastinator.
You may have cheated but you are NOT a cheater.
By recognizing the labelling that you put on yourself. You will be on your way to recovery and change.
You are a go-getter. You are an honest person.

When Jealousy Strike


I used to get jealous of other people’s success and achievement. The use of social media has released the green-eyed monster within me. I get jealous of all sorts of reasons. Someone is getting a new car? I am jealous. Someone is going on a nice holiday? I am jealous.

Jealousy has paralyzed me. I did not take action. I blame bad luck. I blame my job. I blame everyone except myself.

Jealousy can be useful. Jealousy can be a tool to help you.

Jealousy can make you take action. Channel the negative energy into something useful. Instead of blaming others, take ownership of your life and take action.

Cut back on social media. People put the best part on social media. Sometimes they manufacture their happiness on social media. You never know the sweat and tears behind those smile. Feeling awful about yourself because of someone’s holiday? It is time to cut back on social media.

Be grateful. Write down 10 things that went well from the last 24 hours. By spending time what went well in your life. You will see that your life is not as bad as you imagined.

Jealous is normal. It is a human emotion. Let jealousy drive you in the right direction. Accept it. Let it go. Take action.

Your Life is like a Bus Ride

Bus ride
Bus ride

Imagine yourself boarding a bus. You do not know where you are heading. There is no driver.

In the bus, you meet people who care about you. You will also meet people who behave badly towards you.

You cannot get off the bus.

The bus will go through traffic jam and breakdown. The bus will also go through beautiful places.

The bus only travels at a constant speed. It will not go faster or slower.

During the journey, the passengers will board the bus and get off the bus. Every passenger has their stops. You have your stop.

Welcome to the bus of life.

In this journey, you will face life’s challenges. Those challenges will come and go. Be assured, none of it is permanent.

You will also face good times and happiness. These are not permanent as well.

The bus will just keep going. When it reaches your stop, you will have to get off the bus. The bus will continue its journey without you.

During this journey, you will learn that life is not permanent. Besides your action and thoughts. Nothing is under your control.

Whatever life throws at you. Manage each moment with your best effort. Surrender to life but never take each moment for granted. If you have to play, play hard. If you have to work, work hard. If you have to rest, rest hard.

Let your action fill the world with loving-kindness. Then, it is a life that is worth living.

When You Have Lost Yourself

When you feel you have lost yourself. Remind yourself this, you have not lost yourself but your heart is blind.


Whenever I feel lost, it is either due to work, family, money or health-related issues. Notice the commonality? None of which is within our control. We tend to associate our identity to objects that do not belong to us or have control. We can influence some parts of our life, but it is never under our control. Life is never meant to be controlled.

Yet many of us are lost when we lost our job, money or business. We get suicidal when our loved ones leave us. We never own anything, even our body. If we never own it, we never lose it.

If there is only one thing that is under our control it is our mind. We are always given a choice on how to respond to life. We can react negatively, or we can respond with dignity.

How many times, we witness people losing their cool and making things worse? Far too many. So, do not be part of the statistics.

“The first qualification of a general is a cool head,”

When bad things happen. The best response is to stay calm and watch the moment. Things are already bad enough. There is no need to let our emotion take charge and make things worst.

What if, you really feel you have lost yourself? To find yourself, you have to give. Give the gift of charity to strangers and to your loved ones. Smile at a stranger. Hold the door when someone is following you from behind. Whenever someone is serving you, look into the person’s eye and say thanks. Say a little prayer to the people who are suffering right now.

Keanu Reeves Homeless
Keanu Reeves Homeless

Through giving and through charity, you will find that you have never lost yourself. It is life’s pain and disappointment has blinded your heart. The more you give, the clearer your heart gets.

By opening up your heart, you will see the harsh reality of life. You will also see the beauty of life. Without feeling lost. Without seeing the darkness. You will never feel the relief of finding yourself. You will never appreciate the brightness of the sunbeam.

Tell yourself, “I am not lost anymore”. Find yourself by helping others and through loving-kindness.