I try to Kick My Phone Addiction And This Happened

I am suffering from phone addiction. I use my phone to do most of my communications, listening to podcast, banking, note-taking and readings. I sleep with the phone and it follows me wherever I go.

A colleague once remarked that I would be fidgeting with my phone even though the screen is off. She called me I am suffering from handphone sick.

I never knew how much time I spent on screen. Or how much time I spent on the phone.

To fix a problem. I must acknowledge that I have a problem. To check my handphone usage, I installed the app Stay Focused.

As soon as I installed the app, I immediately become very mindful of my usage. There are a timer and a clicker to track both screen time and numbers of time I switch on the screen.

With that knowledge in the back of my head, I only switch on my phone screen when it is necessary. Here is what happened.

Time Spend on Phone
Time Spent on Phone

I have more time. For every hour I spent five minutes mindlessly scrolling through news portal or Instagram, I would have wasted 60 minutes after 12 hours.

I am less anxious. Every Monday, I would stay away from the news. With this app, I am consciously staying away from the news at all times. I feel better. I do not need to keep track of all the latest news. Looking back, none of the news that I have been following has been life-changing.

The phone battery last longer. I do not need to carry a battery bank with me. To keep my phone charged, I have to charge it twice a day. My bag feels lighter.

No phone at the dining table. Whether I am outside or at home, as soon as I sit down I would either busy finishing a message or reading a post. With the app tracking my usage, I made an effort not to use my phone at the dining table. I have more time talking to my dining partner and observe the crowd around me.

Limit social media usage. Every day, I allow myself 30 minutes on both Instagram and Facebook. I can only access social media between 830 pm until 830 am. Other times, the app would block my access. I do not have any withdrawal symptoms after cutting back on Social Media.

Sleeping better. I normally stay away from screens when is near bedtime. I find that I sleep better since I make a conscious effort to cut back on phone usage. It could be because of less news and Social Media.

Number of Launches
Number of Launches

From the captured data from the last 4 days, I have spent nearly six hours on the phone. Majority of the time spent on WhatsApp and reading on Google Play Books.

App usage
App usage Stay Focused

I could have used the hours to do something that is far more productive and creative.

My time sink is on WhatsApp and not Facebook or Instagram. I will have to review my time on WhatsApp and see what can I cut out.

I have only used the app for about four days. I am looking forward to seeing my stats on day 30.

As I am suffering from phone addiction. This is my story. If I cannot measure it, I cannot manage it. I cannot recommend enough of Stay Focused. Without the stats report, I would not have known how time I have wasted on the phone. I cannot gain back the time that I have lost. But I will make sure I will not waste any more time on the phone.

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