You cannot Control Life

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

It is the Serenity Prayer.

Life is never under our control. The only thing that we can control is our actions. The action to give up. The action to keep going. The action to accept.

The first feature of life is suffering. Without suffering we do not appreciate the moments of happiness. Life is filled with disappointments, sufferings, sickness, accident, deaths. To live life is to face disappointments.

Appreciate the good moments of life. Be ready for the bad moments of life. Do not be paralysed when life strikes at you.

Remind yourself, nothing is permanent. Happiness is not permanent. Suffering is not permanent.

May the Serenity Prayer brings you the courage to take action and accept life’s uncertainty. 

When Jealousy Strike


I used to get jealous of other people’s success and achievement. The use of social media has released the green-eyed monster within me. I get jealous of all sorts of reasons. Someone is getting a new car? I am jealous. Someone is going on a nice holiday? I am jealous.

Jealousy has paralyzed me. I did not take action. I blame bad luck. I blame my job. I blame everyone except myself.

Jealousy can be useful. Jealousy can be a tool to help you.

Jealousy can make you take action. Channel the negative energy into something useful. Instead of blaming others, take ownership of your life and take action.

Cut back on social media. People put the best part on social media. Sometimes they manufacture their happiness on social media. You never know the sweat and tears behind those smile. Feeling awful about yourself because of someone’s holiday? It is time to cut back on social media.

Be grateful. Write down 10 things that went well from the last 24 hours. By spending time what went well in your life. You will see that your life is not as bad as you imagined.

Jealous is normal. It is a human emotion. Let jealousy drive you in the right direction. Accept it. Let it go. Take action.

Your Life is like a Bus Ride

Bus ride
Bus ride

Imagine yourself boarding a bus. You do not know where you are heading. There is no driver.

In the bus, you meet people who care about you. You will also meet people who behave badly towards you.

You cannot get off the bus.

The bus will go through traffic jam and breakdown. The bus will also go through beautiful places.

The bus only travels at a constant speed. It will not go faster or slower.

During the journey, the passengers will board the bus and get off the bus. Every passenger has their stops. You have your stop.

Welcome to the bus of life.

In this journey, you will face life’s challenges. Those challenges will come and go. Be assured, none of it is permanent.

You will also face good times and happiness. These are not permanent as well.

The bus will just keep going. When it reaches your stop, you will have to get off the bus. The bus will continue its journey without you.

During this journey, you will learn that life is not permanent. Besides your action and thoughts. Nothing is under your control.

Whatever life throws at you. Manage each moment with your best effort. Surrender to life but never take each moment for granted. If you have to play, play hard. If you have to work, work hard. If you have to rest, rest hard.

Let your action fill the world with loving-kindness. Then, it is a life that is worth living.

Do This When You are Stuck for Ideas


Ideas keep the world moving. James Altucher encourages his readers to write 10 ideas everyday. The practice is to strengthen the muscle idea. Let the bad ideas come out before picking the good ones.

Writing 10 ideas a day is not easy. Finding ideas to write is not easy.

I find myself getting stuck with problems all the time.

Whenever I feel I am stuck, I would clean up my environment.

If I am at my study desk, I will clean up my desk or the room. If I am at the cafe, I will clear the table and only leave what is important on the table.

Soon, ideas will start flowing.

If it still does not work? At least, I have a clean environment to work on. It works most of the time.

Nobody Gives a Fuck About Your Dream

Middle Finger
Middle Finger

Read this again, “Nobody gives a fuck about your dream”.

Everyone has their dream to chase. They have no obligation to support your dream.

Stop complaining about nobody cares. You are right that nobody cares.

If you want others to care about your dream. You have to sell the dream to them. Make the dream to be part of their dream. Two persons chasing the same dream is better than one. Three persons chasing the same dream is better than two. Leverage other’s strength to attain your goal.

Instead of complaining, you have to sell your dream. Take ownership of your dream. That’s how you start and that’s how you will finish.

How to Kill Time

Hour Glass
Stop killing time, hour glass

There are moments in a day where you have too much time to waste but too little time to do anything productive. So some ask, “How to kill time?”.

The short answer is never to kill time. Time is a resource that is not renewable. You may think that you have all the time in the world. Time is never enough and it is not predictable.

If you find yourself wanting to kill time. Ask yourself what you can do to make yourself better or the world better?

Here are some quick ideas. Here is a hint, checking social media is not on the list.

Meditate. Take a moment and be aware of your breathing. Imagine yourself carrying to huge bags. One of the bags is called “Past”, the other bag is called “Future”. Put down the two bags and be aware of your breath. You are now in the present moment.

Nap. There are 70 million adults in the United States suffered one or several kinds of sleep disorder. For myself, I do not get enough sleep. If there is time, I will nap for 20 minutes. It helps the body to rest and to stay focused. This is far better than drinking coffee.

Get moving. Get down and start doing some push-ups. If push-ups are too difficult, do some stretching. Simple exercise gets the blood flowing. It also brings attention to your body and breathing.

Call someone. When is the last time you talk to your loved ones? Give that person a call. There is no such thing as spending too much time with someone that you care.

Journal. When is the last time you had a chat with yourself? Sit down and quietly reflect on your life. Write down whatever that comes to your mind. Let your finger do the talking. The purpose is just to put down your thoughts on paper. Magically, you will soon gain insight into yourself.

Killing time is killing yourself. There is always something worthwhile to do.

You Don’t Own Anything. You can’t Control Anything


My hair is greying. It is out of my control. If I own my body I would be able to stop the ageing process. I cannot stop the body from decaying with age.
My car had some issues; it cost thousands to repair. I did my best to look after the car and still, it breaks down.

We don’t own anything. Nothing is under our control. Whatever things that we have, life can take it all back.

I am not asking you to stop chasing your dream. Rather, I am asking you to prepare to lose whatever you have achieved.

Be content with what you have. You got a dream job. Good! You lost your dream job. Good! None of it is under our control. The only thing that we can control is our action and respond.

Live life to the fullest. Let your emotion and mind be as still as a clear lake. Do not let life’s gain and lost disturb your mind.

How to Stay Focus


We only have 24 a day. To be productive, working longer hours is not the solution. Especially many of us have commitments and a life to live. The best way is to stay focused on our task and do a good job.

How to stay focused?

You cannot complete everything! Accept that our to-do list is never-ending. When you plan your day, only pick on items that are either urgent and important or just important. By accepting that you will only work on the most important and urgent task, you will stay focus until it is done.

Get enough sleep. People rely on caffeine or medication to stay focus. The cheapest and most effective solution is to have enough sleep. With a rested mind and body, you will be able to do what you need to do without relying on external remedies.

Prepare for a long journey. There is no such thing as an overnight success. This means you got to be willing to step up to the task every day. Staying focus is a mindset and a lifestyle.

Stay focus. The secret to staying focus is to focus. Use a kitchen timer and set the timer to 25 minutes. When the timer is set, you will dedicate 100% of that moment to do the task. No social media. No phone call. No toilet breaks. You will only stop when the alarm goes off. Give yourself 5 minutes of break. Re-set the timer and do it again.

There is no secret in staying focus. You must have the will to stay focus. There is no excuse. You are accountable for your action and results.

Do my suggestions work? I wrote this with Google Countdown Timer counting down from 25 minutes.

Don’t Just Read, Do It


Walk into a pharmacy. Pick up a supplement and start reading the label. Once you understand the product, put down the supplement and leave. Do you feel healthier from just reading the label?

You have to take the supplement to enjoy its effects. Reading the label is not enough and will never be.

Many of us spend time reading the net, buying the book in the name of research. We are in the age of information. Having more information is not the answer.

We must take the supplement. We must take action.

If you want to write that book, write it. If you want to build that application, build it.

You will only know what you need when you hit a roadblock. Until then, put down that book and pick up the tool.

Have You Prepared for Your Death?

The only certainty in life is taxes and death. Are you ready for your death? Have you prepared for your death?

It is a taboo to talk about death. However, it is also a topic we have to discuss. Death can tear a family apart. It changes the life who has left behind.

Death teaches us the impermanence of life. The lesson in death is also one of the core teachings of Buddhism. The Buddha said, “The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world”.

In Buddhism death is as normal as birth.

By embracing impermanence, we learn how to let go. Letting go of the grudges. Letting go of love ones. When there is a beginning, there is an ending.

For the Stoics, it is not about how long we lived, it is how we lived.

A life well-lived is prepared for a good death.

A well-lived life is a life of experience. The experience of reflection. The experience of honor. The experience of integrity.

Most of us will not know when we will die. We can choose how we live. How we can spend our limited time on earth?

Instead of building a resume of work. Build a resume of life. Do something that brings happiness to yourself and others.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what can you bring to the world? When you go to bed at night, have I lived today to the fullest?

Life is all in the breathing. Start breathing and bring joy to the world. And that’s how you prepare for your death.